Mikey Pauker & The JoyMachine to perform at Unity In Concert w/ David Broza and guests
October 22, 2012at 8:36 pm

Mikey Pauker & The JoyMachine will be performing at the Unity In Concert, at the official after party following David Broza, Neshama Carlebach, Craig Taubman, Josh Nelson, Andrew Lustig among others!!! Unity in Concert is an interfaith celebration of peace and unity at Temple Sinai in Los Angeles on November 15th at 7:30pm. Tickets are selling quick. Please support Mikey Pauker andThe JoyMachine by purchasing a ticket!

Visit: www.unityinconcert.com for ticket information!



Max Jared album out now! NYC Party this Thursday!
August 28, 2012at 7:31 pm

Vaunted hip-hop/dancehall label Shemspeed Entertainment is excited to announce that Max is the first artist to be signed to its recently launched folk and rock imprint, Soul Snack Records. “Thoughtless Sounds” is the debut album by Max Jared and you could be the first to get a copy before it hits stores, just click DOWNLOAD DIRECT | BANDCAMP | SOUNDCLOUD.

We will see you all at the Launch/Release Party!
Aug 30th | Max Jared CD Release & Soul Snack Records Launch Party!
@ House of Yes
with Lady Circus and a special DJ set by Tesly Snipes
10pm | $10 suggested donation, comes with the debut Max Jared album!
House of Yes is located at 342 Maujer Street Brooklyn, NY 11206

MORE INFO AT wearesoulsnack.com/events



Thoughtless Sounds, an Interview with Max Jared (INTERVIEW)
August 22, 2012at 3:37 am

This interview with Max Jared was originally posted in The Algemeiner:
Max Jared is that rare kind of artist whose music makes an immediate impact. With an innate talent for crafting memorable pop melodies, the Texas native grips listeners with socially conscious lyrics and a versatile acoustic sound. Vaunted hip-hop/dancehall label Shemspeed is excited to announce that Max is the first artist to be signed to its soon to be launched folk and rock imprint, Soul Snack Records.

I interviewed Max Jared for The Algemeiner while he was on tour of Israel.

ES: Your music has a spiritual side to it, could you tell us a bit about the inspiration behind your music?
MJ: I am inspired by the wonderful spectrum of life that each of us experiences each day. Its Intricacies, quarks…. the positives and the struggles of this incredible roller-coaster. I am in love with the fact that in every moment, we could experience things that ground us, or even bring us down, and yet there always lies the potential for moments to be life-fulfilling, exciting, and a reminder of the blessing of our existence. My music has a spiritual side, because I am a Jew, and I write through a Jewish lens- the lens that ever moment is a blessing, and that its my responsibility to take those moments and use them to

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Dov Rosenblatt and The Wellspring score a movie!
July 13, 2012at 4:12 am

Dov Rosenblatt of Blue Fringe who’s latest band is The Wellspring with Talia Osteen will be scoring the upcoming feature film, Coffee Town! It’s a buddy-comedy called (think Office Space in a coffee shop). CollegeHumor’s debut feature film, Coffee Town is written & directed by Brad Copeland (Arrested Development, My Name is Earl) and stars a very funny cast that includes Glenn Howerton (It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia) and Josh Groban (you know, the pop-classical singer with the platinum records who also happens to be an awesome actor).

Also, be on the look out for Dov’s Hebrew record which will be the second release on hip-hop/dancehall label Shemspeed Entertainment’s soon to be officially launched folk and rock imprint, Soul Snack Records! You could preview a few song on Soul Snack Radio at www.wearesoulsnack.com. Lastly, don’t forget to catch the Soul Snack Launch party with Max Jared’s release of his upcoming solo debut, ‘Thoughtless Sounds”.

Max’s album launches August 28th, and we’re having a HUGE launch party at The House of Yes, in Brooklyn Aug. 30th. Its gonna be a sweet full band show, featuring live art, and performances by Aerialists from The Lady Circus and Sky Box, as well as DJ sets, drinks sponsored by L’Chaim Vodka and more!
More info at www.wearesoulsnack.com/events


an inside look into the making of Thoughtless Sounds
June 26, 2012at 7:43 pm

In the studio with Max Jared and friends “We’re All Connected” an inside look into the making of Thoughtless Sounds


Max Jared’s album hits stores soon!
June 18, 2012at 12:21 am

Max Jared’s CD Release and Soul Snack Records Launch Party on August 30 at the House of Yes in Brooklyn to feature full band sets, performances by Aerialists from The Lady Circus and Sky Box, DJ sets, and more!

The doors will open at 10pm with a $10 suggested donation that comes with the debut Max Jared album!

Check out more info at our events page and preview the album in our releases section.


June 18, 2012at 12:20 am

Shemspeed Entertainment is about to launch Soul Snack, a sub label that will release some of its favorite artists that mix rock and folk music.



Max Jared Thoughtless Sounds (Aug 30)

Dov Rosenblatt When You Lie Down and When You Rise(TBA)